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A Message from the Chair

The Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee represents a significant cross-section of the Spotsylvania community - laborers and business people, young and old - from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. We are building a strong and viable Democratic Party in Spotsylvania. To accomplish this, we are organizing activities, running voter registration campaigns, promoting the election of Democratic nominees, and encouraging participation in all activities of the Democratic Party. The year 2017 is a critical year for the Democratic party nationally as well as with our state and county. The time is now! Together we can make Spotsylvania County a better place to live.

Al Durantee, Chair


Al Durante - Committee Chair

Al is Chair of the Spotsy Democratic Committee. He coordinates with Democratic candidates and other Democratic Committees and issues press releases, responds to queries from the press and others.

You may find him answering phone calls or e-mail about such diverse topics as vetting potential Democratic candidates, scheduling meetings, voter registration procedures and voter ID requirements.


 Bob Martin - Vice Chair


In the absence of the Committee Chair he coordinates with Democratic candidates for office and other Democratic Committees, issues press releases, and responds to queries from the press. If you have any have any Committee-related requirements let Bob know.


 Trina Campbell - Secretary


Trina maintains the membership roster and the minutes of the business meetings. She is active in many committee activities.


 Doug Ferguson - Treasurer


Doug manages the budget, keeps the financial records. He files required reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and provides monthly financial reports to members.



Membership and Party Building

Jane Huffman


Jane.jpg, Membership and Party BuildingContact Jane for more information about this position.

Precinct Operations - Opal Stroup


Opal, Precincet OperationsOpal is our go-to Precinct Operations Chair. She is a member of the Democratic Party of Virginia DPVA Central Committee and the 7th Congressional District Democratic Committee. She recruits poll workers, prepares and assembles poll-worker packets, sample ballots and coordinates Committee activities on election day. She is a major player in almost all committee activities, planning and staffing for special events such as the annual Stars and Stripes celebration, the annual Committee picnic and the Committee Christmas party. She trains Precinct Captains and poll workers, answers questions from members and the from the press. She has produced and maintains handbooks and other committee material. She served as Co-Chair for four years and Vice-Chair for two years.


Communications - Bob Martin

Bob is responsible for press releases, answering questions from the press, and ordering sample ballots.

Web Master - Doug Ferguson


Doug is web master for the Committee and the local Sierra Club. Formerlly he was the webmaster for the 7th Congressional District Committee. He maintains the web pages, tests and uploads changes to the web site. During his tenure rapid changes have occurred in web technology, standards and techniques.



Fund Raising - Trina Cambell


Trina is responsible for raising funds for committee activities and for candidates.


Outreach - Dick Toye


Committee ChairDick is our contact with the community. He is a life-long Democrat and has been a member of the Committee for many years. He is former Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Committee. He has worked with several grass roots organizations developing programs and services for community outreach. Dick was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the 1st Congressional District Democratic Committee.


DPVA Central Committee Members

  • Opal Stroup - 7th Congressional District Committee
  • Robert Martin - 7th Congressional District Committee
  • Doug Ferguson - 7th Congressional District Committee